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 Rules (Must Read)

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Here are the rules to this site:

1) Do not pretend you are a character such as Edward, there are programs playing as these Characters so it is unessacary.
2) Try not to use the same name as other people or same power.
3) Powers and fur colors will be approved or changed, so if you overdo it, it will be changed by Sam or Aro
4) The site will start out on the book Twilight and continue on from there, so don't say anything from eclipse while we are on the first chapter of twilight.
5) No claiming to be related to a character from a book, you have to ask that person if you can be. If they say yes, then it is fine.
6) You will be put in your group, you do not have to find it yourself (the reason for this is because the group doesn't show at the bottum)
7) Have fun

Vampire Rules:
1) If you are going to bite someone, you can only bite a person once every 2 weeks
2) Your powers will be approved, changed, or taken away by Aro
3) Aro will name a random person saying that their blood's scent is strongest to you
4) You can kill someone on accident, but only once every month for survivle purposes
5) Only 5 members per coven at most

Werewolf Rules:
1) You may kill a vampire only when they are in your terratory
2)Stick to the rules of your pack
3) Only 8 members per pack at most

Volturi Rules:
1) Follow the rules the Aro gives

Human Rules:
1) You do not know that vampires exist unless one delibertly tells you, but you can be suspicious IF they do something infront of your eyes
2) You do not know about werewolves either, same concept as vampires
3) Play out an ordinary life
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Rules (Must Read)
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